Friday, September 25, 2009

"The Yard" at Southern Illinois University Carbondale

The Cast includes:

Simone Biles
Michara Canty
Sade DeRamus
Christine Fowler
Olamide Giwa
Leslie Jordan
Jere' Moore

Marcus Gibson
Sean Grigsby
Lester A. Hill
Cory Hopson
Daryl Jackson Jr.
Cortez Johnson
Dante Jones
Matthew Simpson
Marcus Sumrall
Theodore Williams

Set Designer: George Vaughn

Adam Milton

Art Designer: Carl James

Trenton Carson

Original Score Production:
George "Authentik Made" Jackson III

Lighting and Sound: Robert Holcombe


With the title stemming from college greek slang referring to the "schoolyard" (i.e. campus), "The Yard" is a screenplay written, produced, and directed by 23 year-old Southern Illinois University-Carbondale alumnus Brandon A. Williams. This particular piece of work is a story portraying college life involving characters from different backgrounds, upbringings, cultures and etc. It tells stories from the different perspectives of the various students, faculty, and members of the university and local community; some of these stories come from Williams's personal experiences with his alma mater. The author labels this screenplay as a "acapella musical". Similar to a musical, the characters' lines transition from dialogue to verbal cadences and rhyme as a form of expression. However, instead of using song, the characters' lines transition from dialogue to "spoken word" or acapella rap. Williams brings one of the major elements of hip-hop to the stage; being an independent hip-hop artists as well as an overall writer of comedy, poetry, songs, and plays, he decided to merge two of the talents together for his newest creation of artistic expression that is "The Yard".

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  1. "The Yard" was a great play about college experiences during freshman year or any year in college. I was very entertained. It made you laugh and sometimes think about how the opposite sex thinks. Looking forward to the next play.